Nationwide Commercial Real Estate Properties. Minimum investment $500k (Commercial / Construction / Land Development)

Serious Private Lenders Only Please: If you’re a seasoned lender and looking to invest your funds into assets backed by commercial real estate Nationwide or looking to increase your total net worth in performing assets, we’d like to work with you. Please ENTER YOUR INFO in the form to the right and we’ll notify you regarding the funding opportunities as they come available or how we can advise you on managing your funds. (Our list is updated 2-3 times a week, as we secure new properties and as we sell ones already on the list). 

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Over the years we’ve refined our processes, marketing, and relationships that let us lend to seasoned borrowers that are ready to fund the best commercial real estate deals before they ever hit the market.  Our business is strictly marketing to those borrowers who need to fund their deals fast on a short term basis.

If you are…

  • An investor looking to lend your funds on assets backed by commercial real estate
  • An investor looking to participate in commercial real estate opportunities as a passive cash partner
  • A lender looking for an advisor to assist in managing your funds (or fund of funds)
  • … or just a hedge fund, equity fund, institution, family office, high net-worth individual or IRA Fund looking to place your capital

join our Lenders List with the form on the right and we’ll notify you regarding the available opportunities each month that will earn you 9 to 12% returns.

NOTE:  Opportunities move quickly, so be sure if you find an opportunity that you’re interested in, respond back via email, text or phone (once you join to the right) to make sure you get in on the opportunity.

Join to the right, connect with us and let us know your interest.  We look forward to working with you Nationwide.